Back to school

Huh! A big panic for ABSOLUTELY no reason.

Please consider this an official thank you to your like and comments to my six word Saturday of August 4. I’ll try to get back to them individually in the future.

Yesterday I rolled up for official registration and managed to slightly confound the staff by producing Finnish id. Then I got a very pleasant surprise in the form of my id tag: country of origin was listed as Finland/Australia.

I was doubly chuffed to be able to stand up twice in the roll call of nations!

Even better, so far every one I have spoken to are studying just for the heck of it – no credits needed, no degree in sight, or at least no degree that relates to the summer school course they are taking.

In two short hours I made contact with Australia, China, Finland, Germany, Italy and Korea. Only another 54 countries to bump into! The official welcome party is later tonight and I’ll be there for a quick hello and to see if I can find any more of my class mates, and possibly one or two beverages.

The university heads (Dean? Chancellor?) all had great speeches welcoming us to Helsinki Summer School 2012 and also imploring us to HAVE FUN!

In the words of Mr. 13, that’s easy 🙂

PS: The pre-course reading and assignment was terribly dull, and in a few spots even felt like common sense. Is this what it means to be a mature age student? 😉

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  1. Completely exciting! I wish I were there with you….and perhaps the biggest lesson of the day; Big panics usually ARE for ABSOLUTELY no reason. 🙂


  2. I’m so glad for you, Heather. And isn’t it nice to learn for the love of learning, rather then trying to fulfill some goal set by someone else. I know you are going to have a blast! I’m jealous! 😎


    1. It’s going so well Judith! Stay tuned for an updating post sometime in the near future 🙂


  3. Isn’t this whole ‘Doing something different’ thing enligtening? It is amazing the people that you bump into, or speak to. It’s like being in a place where everyone is pulling for he same goal. This is what has truly stunned me about the first few months of the journey. Well done!


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