Six Word Saturday: 27.7.2013

Back where it all started from! Follow this link and you'll see where we were 12 months ago! The handsome fellow you see above was our introduction to the Lagotto breed. A special anniversary post dedicated to Perry will follow at some stage shortly. His first birthday is just around the corner 🙂

Summer salad memories are made of …

... tomato and onion. One of my earliest summer meal memories is my grandmother's tomato and onion salad. The other main memory refers to my brother falling asleep face first into a plate of pickled beetroot. I'm pretty sure the tomato-onion salad featured at that table too! So back to the salad in question. This... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Finland! Olen lomalla *

This topic and this post has been on my mind for many years already. Long before I'd even heard about blogging it was something that bugged me. A lot. I've run out of patience now, so here is my two cents worth! Picture this: a newly opened accommodation facility has a sushi-bar located in the... Continue Reading →

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