Fork In Hand

In case you've wondered about my relative silence of late: here is one of the reasons! Presenting Heather's Helsinki's first official product: Fork In Hand! In conjunction with Veronica of  WEFactory and with considerable assistance from our good friends at Iittala, we are delivering food tourism (Foodism) in a new way. This is the last... Continue Reading →

Nothing like a countdown…

The new business website launch date draws nearer and nearer. Now we have a date and a time. In honour of this momentous step I've added a countdown widget over there <--- to keep track. There's a new twitter handle floating around (@heatherhelsinki) and coming sometime in new future will be a Facebook page to... Continue Reading →

Have you seen my oomph?

Have you seen my oomph? I could have sworn that I left it here somewhere. I've also misplaced my travel card. I think it will be easier to find the travel card than the oomph however... I'll be away for a short while, and once I've got the oomph sorted it will be business as... Continue Reading →

Helsinki, there are plenty of good people here!

I had a very special encounter with some quite amazing people not so long ago. You may recall I wrote about the inevitability of death on All Saints Day. In part that post was inspired by the man behind Yobot, Tom Beidler. On my Heather's Helsinki I tried to write an obituary. You be the judge of... Continue Reading →

Project work, your opinion of Finland!

School has been in for a few weeks now, and the assignments are building up! One project requires some on-line research, so I've posted a little question over at Heather's Helsinki - What does Finland mean to you? Feel free to follow the link and answer the question - or of course add your comments... Continue Reading →

Catching up!

Summer School! It was great. I don't want to reblog, and I don't want to use all the same text here.... The summer school and some Helsinki info is over on the Heather's Helsinki blog, if you're not following that one, here is a quick link to get you over there! The class mates were... Continue Reading →

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