Being a beta tester …

WordPress (& Android) just invited me to beta-test the new app. So here I am… although what I’m going to post about is still a mystery…

I could talk about selling the old house, buying a new place and the whole moving experience. 🚚

I could talk about the joys of family – near and far. Alternatively the pettiness of family, both near and far. On second thoughts let’s just leave that one alone 🤔

The dogs continue to be a great source of joy (and frustration!). Here they are in the forest today!

The older (lighter) one Perry is barking at me. I’m fairly certain this is a command to hurry up and take the picture!

Home life is interesting and just got a lot more musical with a turntable arriving in the house. In this day of Spotify and instant music everywhere I think it will be a nice change to start playing LP’s again.

In honour of this, I’ve found what could well be my new favourite shop – Black & White Records in Hakaniemi ❤

Now I’m done with testing. I will say editing pictures and returning to the post isn’t particularly intuitive and it’s always difficult to continue typing text after adding a picture at the foot of the text….

We have a well travelled dog!

Perry making himself comfortable on the bench / luggage rack 😏

Sounds a little contagious doesn’t it 😉

I opened my cloud and went back to the first picture that ever made it there.

October 2012: Perry as a pup and on the first day he was an office dog 🙂

First time in the office
First time in the office – hard work!

(It’s also a post to test if my automatic sharing is working or not)

Paws for Noa
Paws for Noa

For my Names challenge posting I presented the dog tags and asked the question – which dog belongs to which tag?

Now is the big reveal – Noa has the paw print and Perry has the bone! I have spent the last two days trying to manipulate dogs and tags to be all facing the camera at the same time. This is the best I could come up with… 😉

Noa & Perry / Perry & Noa
Noa & Perry / Perry & Noa

Two dogs.
Two leashes.
Two collars.
Two tags.
Two names.

PS: Can you guess which dog belongs to which tag?!

BTW: I’ve caught up on all the weekly photo challenges for 2017 and from now on I’ll be only posting one photo challenge per week 🙂

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