Here are a few numbers that summarise our Lapland holiday. Kilometres driven:  2514 Kilometres skied: 60 Kilometres skied with dogs: 9 Number of sauna fires lit: 7 Meals eaten out: 5 Meals cooked in the cottage: 4 Cars spotted that had slid off the road into the snow: 4 Reindeer spotted: 3 Yellow cars: 1... Continue Reading →

Let's step back in time to August 2013 (summer!) and a golden ladybird that decided to join us on the terrace for coffee...

Soon! Listen in from 2035 (GMT +2) when I talk with Ryk Goddard about the new basic income initiative!

Very short post today - I have some research to do for my radio interview tomorrow! Just after Christmas I had the opportunity to chat on local radio in Hobart - about me and how did I end up in Finland, what I'm doing now, little bits and pieces. It was live in the studio and over so quickly... Continue Reading →

If you've been following my posts over the last couple of days, you may have realised we took a little road trip. Time for our annual Lapland holiday 🙂 We left Helsinki at 17:30 on Friday night, arriving in Oulu (not our final destination) at 01:30 on Saturday morning. At one point we had to stop... Continue Reading →

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