Remember to keep a safe distance! We're driving back from Lapland, the weather is foul, the news has been full of warnings and now came a report of the third pile-up...

Where art and life meet.

Alternative titles for this post include: "Life is Swede "and "I'll admit it, I was fooled and fell for an apparition". Let me explain... (Warning: Potential plot spoilers here.) One day last summer a bright sparky lass by the name of Regan left a comment on my blog. It went along the lines of "hello... Continue Reading →

Hyvää ystävänpäivää kaikille

and again in English, Happy Valentines Day everyone! Sometimes things just don't translate so well, this is one of those occasions - the celebration in Finnish is for friendship, without the romantic connotations attached. Whether it's love or friendship, either way it's a nice way to show a touch of kindness.

I've been granted three wishes... 1) I wish that everyone gets the chance to say a proper goodbye to loved ones; 2) I wish that everyone makes peace with themselves, their deeds and who they are; 3) I wish that I didn't have to make wishes 1 and 2. My first attempt at joining in... Continue Reading →

I thought I'd share February, as per Mr. Leunig! His February illustration reminds me of a summer day or tropical rain forest, quite a contrast to the dumping of snow that we awoke to yesterday. He goes on to explain what makes cartooning so interesting and how personal expression is a very precious gift from... Continue Reading →

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