New Year. New Theme.

Why not?! I'm feeling a general dissatisfaction with the blog, how it looks, what it says etc. etc. So bear with me while I go through the process of finding a new theme that will assist in my efforts to get back on track and reinvigorate the blog 😀 Things I can share with you... Continue Reading →

... apostrophe! Now I have some editing to do to make it more appealing on the front page 😉 and then go back and customize to make it mine 🙂 Things may seem a little weird for the next couple of days while I get myself sorted!

This happens every time that I return after being away for a while. I look at the theme, and think bleugh. You know what I mean - that sound that people make in their mind when they're not entirely happy with the state of play. So once again, I feel the need to update my look.... Continue Reading →

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