0652 (🐾🐕❄️) In case you were wondering, -5 Celsius this morning and the frozen sea was very noisy!

A morning view.

0705 (❄️🐕🐾) Every morning, the dogs and I head out into the great outdoors. I started doing a daily Twitter post of a snapshot taken at about this spot. As I plan on ditching Twitter at some stage in the future, I thought I would start posting my daily pictures here. Now I need to... Continue Reading →

Snow. Sun. Long open roads. Sauna. Additional bonus words: no reindeer, not enough coffee, Sunday drivers, not enough snow, domestic tourists, sauna!!!

... of a walk on water! As mentioned in yesterday's post, I was quite convinced that today we would be on the ice 🙂 We were - and a great time was had by all. Especially when we found this tasty morsel... Tomorrow will come a proper gallery and all sorts of sunshine and bright... Continue Reading →

Night photography is not something I've mastered yet, so please take my word for it when I say that we are enjoying cloudless skies night and day here. Sunshine and snow make great partners and put a little zip into your step. For some this in an upside 🙂 others are not so excited. For... Continue Reading →

Whether it's a person, a building or an abstract shape, show us something that exists harmoniously with its surroundings. This is the brief for this week's photo challenge Graceful. This is could be cow parsley or giant hogweed - either way it's dead for winter and the flower heads collect the snow very nicely! Gracefully even.... I... Continue Reading →

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