Friday Fun (a COVID-19 version!)

I've been contemplating book titles with Corona in the title. While I am sure you can find similar posts or challenges on Twitter and Facebook, I've taken the names of books that my Book-Club (puuklapi) have read over the past few years, replacing a key word with, yep you guessed it - CORONA! A fun... Continue Reading → What started as a tongue in check response by the Dutch to the Twitter-in-Chiefs inauguration speech and his 'America first' statement was quickly picked up by late night comedy shows around Europe. The Germans implored the rest of Europe to get in the act and put forward their own requests to be second. That... Continue Reading →

You may recall one of my first posts of 2017 was a tribute to the akismet spam filter and the lovely comment that was spammed. Since then I've been saving the comments that the filter so generously sends to the spam folder and once again it's sharing time. I'm beginning to notice a bit of theme... Continue Reading →

I'm told it was the bear. My worst fear - the bear went feral and attacked the dog... organ transplant has so far been unsuccessful and the dog hangs on by a thread...

Spam can be so complimentary!

Did you read the daily post from September 25th? The article itself had good tips about dealing with comments and spammers, while the comments that followed also had real-life examples of how other bloggers react and interact with their spammers. Personally, I find the spam comments amusing - there are always some interesting 'comments' that... Continue Reading →

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