As time goes on, I’ll add  Finnish words and their meanings here…

Anoppi: Mother in law

Karhusaari: Bear Island, a small community to the east of Helsinki, on the way to Porvoo.
Kesätori: Summer market. In my book, this should be the standard by which all small towns are judged. Usually held every Saturday, sometimes on a weekday evening also, these markets specialise in selling locally grown produce and handmade crafts. A good place for locals and mökki residents to catch up and gossip 🙂
Kirpputori: Flea market, also used to describe garage sales, car boot sales etc.
Kumisaappaat: Gumboots

Mämmi: Tradition rye based dessert, usually only served at Easter. An acquired taste 🙂
Mökki: The cottage, or temporary dwelling. Can be as basic or fancy as required. Sauna necessary, everything else  (electricity, running water) is optional. Preferably with neighbours far enough away that you don’t see them all the time.

Nokia: Finnish mobile phone manufacturer that has it’s roots in car tyres and rubber boots. Lost a lot of market share to Apple. Possibly my next phone (May 2013).

Piha: Yard. When used in conjunction with kirpputori means yard sale.
Pikkujoulu: Little Christmas – otherwise known as the Christmas party. Not usually little.
Pulla: Baked sweet bread-type bun. Traditionally served with coffee.

Ravintola Päivä: Restaurant Day. An event open to everybody to open a restaurant for a day. The official page can be found at
Ruokatorstai: Literally translates as Food Thursday. My favourite Finnish recipe book. The collection are recipes that had previously been published in the daily newspaper, every Thursday. Author is Eeva Salonen, and the ISBN is 952555712X. Recommended!

Saappaat: Boots,
Suomi: Finland

Vappu: May Day / May 1st, very important student celebration day. In earlier times it was the day of celebration for the workers.

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