My hairdresser (s) and I

Today I present Chisu and Baden Baden. Extremely catching song! I was sitting in Ts chair today, a helpless victim under a black shroud listening to this waft over me and started to think about all the people who have 'done' my hair over the years... Mum is the first, responsible for not just those... Continue Reading →

Last lesson of the week

Taken while I was waiting to make a big announcement to Mr. 12's class. What big shoes they have! (I'm posting from my phone and haven't quite worked out all the editing commands, so if it looks odd... well I'll get to it when I get to it!)

Easter ‘Baking’

I heard this earlier as I started to get this ready. Egotrippi and Matkustaja (The Passenger). Easter Monday we arrived home mid afternoon, after a slightly nerve-racking 'will we won't we make it'? to the next fuel stop before we hit empty. In the end it was just and just okay... I'd been counting on... Continue Reading →

Now it starts to feel like spring… finally

Today I'm introducing Robin and his Frontside Ollie. It's an extremely popular Finnish song from earlier this year. Along with every young singer out there, Robin has his fair share of fans and critics. Here are the lyrics if you're interested in deciphering exactly what he's singing! I like the song and the sentiment a... Continue Reading →

Sunday lunch by the sea

The Engineer and I, along with our hosts K & M, enjoyed a lovely lunch of freshly caught* and smoked siika and sparkling white wine yesterday. We joined our hosts at their mökki by the beach, and watched M get the smoker going. In the meantime The Engineer took up the axe and chipped a... Continue Reading →

My blogging life… or how did it get like this?

I love Pink and Raise your glass (better known to me as Why so serious) is as good a song for today as any. The first thing I remember hearing this morning was Cher and Turn back time, and that fits today's theme of what I've learnt about blogging so far. If I could go back in time, I would... Continue Reading →

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