Signs of spring in Finland #01 (Smart) Cows running down the race towards the greenery 🙂 The annual 'running of the cows'! Happy Cows are a sight to behold. Sadly I can't share the lovely earthy smell that accompanies these ladies as they head for the fields. Fun fact: the cows are part of Helsinki University and the campus (fields... Continue Reading →

Where is Venus?

I've started to write this at 06:53, standing at the bus stop waiting for the # 59. The sky to the east is lightening, although it will be a good 45 minutes before it's light enough to read by. I thought I saw Venus. Turns out it was an incoming flight to Helsinki ;). It... Continue Reading →

Flowerpot Rock

This little snapshot is of something very near and dear to me. The area we lived drew it's name from this rock and when I was older people were always intrigued to hear that I came from a place called Flowerpot. At school I copped endless Bill and Ben jokes. (Hand's up if you remember Bill... Continue Reading →

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