Time for summer's last boat trip! The aftermath of winter's first snowfall and the perfect excuse for one last sea voyage...

Autumn in Finland. You NEED gumboots. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are my gumboots. Even though I'm living in the city, these are put to frequent use this time of the year. I could not survive autumn without them 🙂 (This pair are called Hai, made by Nokia and they even have their own site)

Where is Venus?

I've started to write this at 06:53, standing at the bus stop waiting for the # 59. The sky to the east is lightening, although it will be a good 45 minutes before it's light enough to read by. I thought I saw Venus. Turns out it was an incoming flight to Helsinki ;). It... Continue Reading →

Who knew it would be easier? Life with a puppy has been far less challenging than initially feared. Introducing Perry (he's a Lagotto Romagnolo if you're wondering 🙂 !)

Six Word Saturday: 6.10.2012

Perry! Welcome to your new home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is a very long story to follow, suffice to say today is the day our newest family member moves in 🙂

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