New Year. New Theme.

Why not?! I'm feeling a general dissatisfaction with the blog, how it looks, what it says etc. etc. So bear with me while I go through the process of finding a new theme that will assist in my efforts to get back on track and reinvigorate the blog šŸ˜€ Things I can share with you... Continue Reading →

Apologies in advance. For the weird posts. Yesterday I spent a few hours scrolling through all the available themes that use all the different posting formats (aside, audio, gallery, image, link, standard, status, quote andĀ video). Turns out that the theme I am using is just right. I just need to tweek it a little bit.... Continue Reading →

My house, my rules

Thanks for dropping by. If this is your first visit, feel free check out my earlier musings šŸ™‚ Your first comment will always go toĀ moderation.Ā Once you're approved, you're considered a friend for life! Cheers Kanerva aka Heather

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