I'm thankful for the wonderful people who visit my blog and return, again and again and again! You make it all worthwhile. THANK YOU! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now to why I am participating in this particular challenge. Well, I need to stretch my photography talents! To date, the majority of the photos that appear on my blogs... Continue Reading →

Test drives: not impressed so far. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So The Engineer has decided that we WANT a new car. Please note the choice of words. Now, I quite like the car we have and I especially have no desire to go through the whole tyre kicking, hood lifting rigmarole any sooner than absolutely necessary. Mind you, for... Continue Reading →

Weekend Weather

I just grabbed this snapshot of the forecasted weather for this weekend and beyond. It's always funny to see the sunrise and sunset times listed. It's been more than a few days since I saw either 😉 Forecast courtesy of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. At least it's not cold!

I don't understand Minecraft at all!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know I should only post one set of six words per week. However, this could be my entry week after week after week. Mr. 13 however is deep in the world of his own creation. Complete with sheep (ok), lava (the molten type, kind of ok) and... Continue Reading →

Homework… of the best type

They tasted as good as they look! Mr. 13 had to recreate his home economics lesson from last week. I've happily signed the task completed paper. Even better, he's promised to make them again. This could become a regular thing.(This is the first time I've used the write a post option from the from page... Continue Reading →

Fathers Day

With all my six word Saturdays lately there's been little space for daily tunes, so here is a very apt tune for today. This comes to you from my time spent in Melbourne: Fathers Day by the one and only Weddings Parties Anything. As you can see from this page, the bulk of the world... Continue Reading →

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