Summer salad memories are made of …

... tomato and onion. One of my earliest summer meal memories is my grandmother's tomato and onion salad. The other main memory refers to my brother falling asleep face first into a plate of pickled beetroot. I'm pretty sure the tomato-onion salad featured at that table too! So back to the salad in question. This... Continue Reading →

Potato cooking… again!

My iPod is always on shuffle and these last couple of weeks I've been getting plenty of 80's tunes popping up. Mr. 12 hates it because I am much more likely to start singing (or wailing!). Anyway, Monday was Mayday Eve and while I was preparing potato salad, this came along. Talking Heads on that... Continue Reading →

Fridays…are special

Naturally I have to share The Cure and Friday I'm In Love. This was really easy to pick although now I'm wondering how many happy Friday songs there are out there? Read on to find out why... Friday evening is a sacred time for our family. Even if there is swimming at 0800 on Saturday... Continue Reading →

Pea Soup: A recipe

Further to my previous posting, here is the (metric) recipe. Pea Soup (serves 4) 2 l water 4 dl dried peas 750 g pork shank or blade / chuck (on the bone) salt to taste 2-3 medium-sized carrots. (1-2 meat or vegetable stock cubes) Soak the peas overnight. Add meat and carrots to the soaking... Continue Reading →

Pea Soup….

Recently The Beader posted about how she doesn't really 'get' pea and ham soup. She would have a tough time in Finland, where pea soup is regularly served up for school lunches, at lunch restaurants and many dinner tables on a Thursday night. Wikipedia has this to say on the matter 🙂 It's been a... Continue Reading →

My first restaurant review

There's an old saying that if you  have a good experience you tell 1 person and 5 people if it's a bad experience. Well I thought I should do a little research and it turns out that these numbers aren't so exact. Rule of thumb seems to be that you'll pass on the good news to one... Continue Reading →

Election time is looming…

In two weeks time we go to the polls for round one of the Presidential elections! This is the first time I'm able to vote in the Presidential elections, second time to go to the polls (we had parliamentary elections last April). The presidential term is 6 years long. My first visit to Finland coincided... Continue Reading →

New pages

I've added two new pages 🙂 What's for dinner ?! I'll update with my culinary efforts. Some will be pretty pedestrian and others... well you be the judge! My other new page relates to the trip we're undertaking in February. It's called Once in a lifetime trip - again because, well we're doing the same... Continue Reading →

Sandwich makers and rescuing Sunday dinner

We have one of these nifty multi-tasking sandwich makers. We bought it maybe 4 years ago at about this time of the year. 3-in-1: waffles, toasted sandwiches (toasties) and then a grill plate for baguette or pieces of meat, vegetables etc. When I was a student the sandwich maker was a kitchen essential. Perfect for... Continue Reading →

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