Absolutely! We made the right decision. This refers to my Decisions, Decisions post I wrote towards the end of last year. We were faced with some choices that we had to evaluate and would impact family life for the next few years. When the results were in, the parents were very happy, Mr. 13 was... Continue Reading →

Catching up!

Summer School! It was great. I don't want to reblog, and I don't want to use all the same text here.... The summer school and some Helsinki info is over on the Heather's Helsinki blog, if you're not following that one, here is a quick link to get you over there! The class mates were... Continue Reading →

Back to school

Huh! A big panic for ABSOLUTELY no reason. Please consider this an official thank you to your like and comments to my six word Saturday of August 4. I'll try to get back to them individually in the future. Yesterday I rolled up for official registration and managed to slightly confound the staff by producing... Continue Reading →

I'm old enough to know better. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next week I return to full time study for the first time in a very very long time. I gained a place under the professional category, that is I don't have a degree that I'm working towards. The bulk of the students however are taking the course as... Continue Reading →

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