A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Action

Here is my belated entry for the word of the week photography challenge. Action and phone cameras are an oxymoron in my mind. However, the end result is not too bad. The first picture is the original, the second after some editing This was Perry just before his first haircut 😎 I'm fulfilling the mobile... Continue Reading →

So now I drive an.... automatic???!!! A while ago I alluded to the possibility of a new set of wheels. The test drive we took didn't impress either of us... and so I thought the idea was shelved for at least 12 months. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, another Saturday morning and another... Continue Reading →

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Hat

Lately my life has been, to say the least, hectic. I did an exercise tracking my time usage which was enlightening in more ways than one 😉 Large chunks of time went on moving myself from A to B to C ... A passing conversation with a former colleague cemented the conclusion that I'm wearing... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighbourhood

Balcony view at sunset. The 'smoke' on the horizon is actually steam from one of the city heating plants that keeps our apartmemt (and the rest of the city) warm in winter. Once the snow goes this will be a nice place to sit 🙂 View from our front door. The frozen sea is very... Continue Reading →

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