The year in review :/


Today I celebrated the new year by getting up at almost the same time as any other Wednesday and walked the dogs. Unfortunately some bright sparks had some leftover fireworks and were still shooting rockets at 0730. Needless to say both of the dogs are not firework fans and so my leisurely stroll become a panting panic to get back to the safety of home.

Later in the day we went planet hunting! There is a scale model of the solar system spread across Helsinki & Espoo 🙂

Snipped from Hesari

Today we found Pluto (quite tiny), Neptune (by the sea) and Uranus (in a pretty little gazebo!). We started late and the sun had already set by the time we found Uranus, so rest will just have to be hunted down later!

Hope your first day of the year was as restful as mine 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

With a title like that it could be all about bread or jelly … but no! it’s the sun we are talking about this week. Check out all the beautiful sunrises and sunsets from around the world and then compare to my subdued offering from last week…

Sun Rise 0645 29.3.2018

It’s a race now between myself and the sun as to who rises first. It won’t be too far in the future when the sun will win that particular race. Fortunately I can sleep through the early early morning sunrises. Instead, it’s the birdsong that gets me, although eventually I learn to tune that out as well…

Sunrise is all about walking the dogs – they hate it when I stop to take pictures!

PS: This was the start of beautiful (and crisp) spring day 🙂

Six Word Saturday: 25.2.2017


We have a well travelled dog!

Perry making himself comfortable on the bench / luggage rack 😏

Daily Posting?!


My idea at the beginning of the year was to throw myself into the blogosphere and start posting daily. According to my stats, I missed a few days during week two, but since then I’ve managed to stay the course and even catch up a little. I believe I’m only 3 posts short of being equal to daily posting.

I have some lovely quality posts planned – you’ll just have to wait for them. We’ve got a busy week coming up. The Engineer is off again. Mr. 17 has his high school dance. Luckily the tux has been sorted, although I’m a bit worried about the shoes – we still have to get a nice pair of dress shoes. Anoppi and I are headed to a cooking course (she is stepping in to take The Engineer’s spot) on ystävänpäivä (friends day NOT Valentines day!) and to top it all off the annual Lapland trip is scheduled for Friday afternoon. Well the first 6 hours of driving…

So excuse the lack of decent posting during the week – I’ll try and get some pictures and links if nothing else.

The featured image is a Christmas decoration from Christmases past – it’s a gorgeous red! Sorry to skip the daily theme tune, I couldn’t find a tune that accurately reflects the minor panic that I’m feeling right now…

A sneak peak…


… of a walk on water!

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was quite convinced that today we would be on the ice 🙂

We were – and a great time was had by all. Especially when we found this tasty morsel…

Look mum, no body!

Look mum, no body!

Tomorrow will come a proper gallery and all sorts of sunshine and bright white snow pictures 🙂 (and dog pictures, don’t forget the dog pictures!!!)

Six Word Saturday: 28.1.2017


I’m told it was the bear.

My worst fear – the bear went feral and attacked the dog… organ transplant has so far been unsuccessful and the dog hangs on by a thread…

… and the answer is


Paws for Noa

Paws for Noa

For my Names challenge posting I presented the dog tags and asked the question – which dog belongs to which tag?

Now is the big reveal – Noa has the paw print and Perry has the bone! I have spent the last two days trying to manipulate dogs and tags to be all facing the camera at the same time. This is the best I could come up with… 😉

Six Word Saturday: 21.1.2016


It will be beautifully cold today ❄

Weekly Photo Challenge: Names


Noa & Perry / Perry & Noa

Noa & Perry / Perry & Noa

Two dogs.
Two leashes.
Two collars.
Two tags.
Two names.

PS: Can you guess which dog belongs to which tag?!

BTW: I’ve caught up on all the weekly photo challenges for 2017 and from now on I’ll be only posting one photo challenge per week 🙂

Six Word Saturday: 14.1.2017


And so ends my crochet project…

Dog vs Wool

Dog vs Wool

(He’s so proud!)