It started last year, slowly slowly as a little itch. It's something that has been gnawing at the edges of my mind for many years. Too much stuff. Too much nibbling on the phone. Too much time spent on things that don't always leave me feeling positive or nice about myself. Too little time on... Continue Reading →

An explanation.

So according to my archives, there was a grand total of 1 (yes one) post for the whole of 2019. Hmm. That's quite pathetic 😉 It wasn't that 2019 was an uneventful year, on the contrary it was action-packed with plenty of happy, sad, exciting (and boring) happenings. Inspiration seemed to pass me by last year... Continue Reading →

A national treasure, all year round!

Look what I have, courtesy of my sister-in-law! This is just a little teaser, I'll share my love of Leunig with you later in the week. It's already 2014 where I am - if you're still waiting for the countdown, I hope your New Year brings great joy. Posted on the go! From my Nokia... Continue Reading →

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