Can I pat your dog (please)?

(Noa gets a new fan!) ☝ Perry and Noa. Enjoying the summer sun! This in not an unusual request. I mean, look at this dog 👇 mega cute and just asking to be patted! My experience is that there are basically 2 groups of people that ask to pat Noa. The first group is parents... Continue Reading →

Pink Floyd for Mother’s Day

Pink Floyd   It's not what you think it is 🙂 Because I live in GMT +2 and she lives in GMT +9. Because she live at 40 degrees south and I live at 60 degrees north. Because here it is spring and there it is autumn. Because she's my mum. ♥

Flowerpot Rock

This little snapshot is of something very near and dear to me. The area we lived drew it's name from this rock and when I was older people were always intrigued to hear that I came from a place called Flowerpot. At school I copped endless Bill and Ben jokes. (Hand's up if you remember Bill... Continue Reading →

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