Ironically enough…

... today we officially commenced summer time and as many pointed out so gleefully earlier this week: it's spring! Forgive me if I don't share your enthusiasm at this point. The above was the view at 0930 this morning. The lovely thing about spring snow is that it covers the emerging piles of dog-doo and other... Continue Reading →

Saturday night in 30 words or less

Saturday night is brought to you buy Barbara Mandrell Sleeping single in a double bed. There is something quite luxurious about having the big bed all to yourself.

Obscure facts # 01

ZZ Top and Legs! I have to admit to wasting a fair amount time today tracking this down. Sometimes you just have to go with the original. For added flavour and at no extra cost there are subtitles! Obscure (as an adjective): not discovered or known about; uncertain. I don't know about the uncertainty of these... Continue Reading →

Ugly presumptions

The other side of my life 🙂

Helsinki Buy Design

My circles have expanded somewhat in recent months. I’ve made more of an effort to get out there and meet people and do stuff and be involved generally.

When you meet new people quite often the initial conversation will go along the lines of ‘what do you do?’  or ‘where do you work?’ Subsequently I’ve been saying well I’m working for this company until the end of the month and then I’m going off to DO MY OWN THING!  The key word here of course being OWN.

So why do people insist on throwing business ideas at me? Three times in as many weeks I’ve had new acquaintances mention that they have a really great idea for my business. Despite my earlier explanations of tourism, visitors to Helsinki and similar clues. So thanks but no thanks. I am not interested in being a distributor of all-natural products from a scheme that seems to…

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My integration experience.

Gary Jules & Michael Andrews cover Mad World. The original by Tears for Fears is here. Gary Lambert also sounds very good. You pick the version you want to hear! Or listen to them all and tell me which is your favourite! *** IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: If you are planning on moving to Finland in a permanent capacity... Continue Reading →

Fridays…are special

Naturally I have to share The Cure and Friday I'm In Love. This was really easy to pick although now I'm wondering how many happy Friday songs there are out there? Read on to find out why... Friday evening is a sacred time for our family. Even if there is swimming at 0800 on Saturday... Continue Reading →

Decisions, Decísions Part II

Today is brought you to by The Rolling Stones and You Can't Always Get What You Want... Just before Christmas last year I wrote about our big decision. Today at midday, it all came together. Each school applied to, and tested for; posted the list of accepted applicants on their front door. Physically, in list format,... Continue Reading →

A new start? or Relaunch!

It's been a while. One whole month give or take a day. Since my last contribution I've hopped, skipped and jumped from Helsinki to Hamburg to Bremerhaven to Ponta Delgado to find myself in New York with just enough time for lunch and then off to the airport, arriving in Helsinki in time to go straight... Continue Reading →

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