Ajatellen suomi. Luen suomi. Puhun suomi. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Translated it means (I) Think Finnish, (I) Read Finnish, (I) Speak Finnish. This week I let myself down by not speaking Finnish. It was a small group presentation to the rest of the class. We'd been planning everything in Finnish, so it wasn't that I didn't know what we... Continue Reading →

My greatest achievement (!?)

Remember my six word Saturday from last week? It all came about after a long Skype™ chat with one of my valued supporters, M. Earlier in the year we had attended an entrepreneurs workshop together (M was one of the speakers), and the final speaker had a long list of contacts, mailing lists to sign up... Continue Reading →

Project work, your opinion of Finland!

School has been in for a few weeks now, and the assignments are building up! One project requires some on-line research, so I've posted a little question over at Heather's Helsinki - What does Finland mean to you? Feel free to follow the link and answer the question - or of course add your comments... Continue Reading →

Keep pedalling or you'll fall off.  Yes, it's all about the bike! One of my missions this week was to find an inspirational quote. Something to use as a motivator when all the crap is piling up, as it does sometimes! Anyway, as cycling is the one hobby of mine that I do all by myself... Continue Reading →

Autumn equals apples equals Tarte Tatin. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A (French) classic (apple pie) that I've wanted to try for a really long time. Now I have a pan that goes from stove top to oven and there is an abundance of apples this year! Once autumn comes around we're boating less on the weekends and FIL... Continue Reading →

Today I start wearing socks again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Depending on the year and the strength of the spring sun, I stop wearing socks sometime in May. The length of my pants may still be long and as the days lengthen the hem level rises 🙂 Even when we revert back to cool and chilly days (happens... Continue Reading →

Study habits have become habitual studies. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Earlier I wrote about my hesitance over returning to school, and how at the end of the day there was nothing to be concerned about. Well somewhere in those three weeks a little spark turned into a flicker, which has now getting a little out of hand and... Continue Reading →

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