Nearest and dearest

These are just some of the people that I’ll be mentioning, and while you won’t get specifics, here are some general description of who’s who in my life:

The Engineer: partner, spouse, husband.

Mr. 14: offspring of The Engineer and I.

Perry: Our Lagotto Romagnolo, who moved in with us as an 8 week old pup in October 2012.

Mum & Dad: quite self explanatory I hope 😉

The Photograher: my brother and his family.

The Scientist: my sister and her family.

The Beader: my sister and her family.

Anoppi: Mother-in-law. Mother of The Engineer, Mr. 12’s other grandmother.

Bookclub: a group of women that I meet up with once a month if all goes well.

7F: Mr. 13’s class, the parents and teachers.

Girlfriend: generic term for any female friend, spouse of a mate, mothers club etc

Mate: generic term for any male friend, spouse of a girlfriend etc

6 thoughts on “Nearest and dearest

    • Thanks! I want to be able to write about people, although not necessarily use names, especially for the minors (and the publicity shy ones!)


    • Now I could have sworn that I answered this. Yet another internet mystery. Or in this case, a message that has gone astray 😉

      I hope I’m not repeating myself when I say thank you, both for your kind words and stopping by!

      As for The Engineer, I haven’t told him and as it was so long ago it’s possible he’s forgotten it…


  1. Edited today to update the things that have changed: Mr. 13 was Mr. 12 (and actually will soon be Mr. 14!), his class is now 7F replaced 6B and my work with the Foreshipites has been replaced with freelancing left right and centre. Thus no real colleagues anymore 😉
    Oh and we got a dog!


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