The joy of baking (or buns in 3 steps)!

The baking bug has struck! Alternatively, I've baked twice in the last two weeks. For me, that counts as a baking bug 😀 The first time was for Mother's Day. I'm a totally modern mum that bakes her own Mother's Day breakfast (although Mr. 21 fried the eggs). (I also buy my own flowers, and... Continue Reading →

Decisions, DecĂ­sions Part II

Today is brought you to by The Rolling Stones and You Can't Always Get What You Want... Just before Christmas last year I wrote about our big decision. Today at midday, it all came together. Each school applied to, and tested for; posted the list of accepted applicants on their front door. Physically, in list format,... Continue Reading →


It has to be done every now and again. Today saw me add in some new widgets on the side-bar - thanks to Judith for the ideas! Also I tried to set up a proper feed to my reader. I have to thank Mike for the hints to do this - he posted ages ago about... Continue Reading →

A week in the life…

This is what I've been up to today. We've had a busy week with three meetings about the grade 7 decision. The coming week has three more. Then there was the health professional who brought four little letters to the table and a possible chemical solution. Still working my head around that, and I'm not... Continue Reading →

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