0652 (🐾🐕❄️) In case you were wondering, -5 Celsius this morning and the frozen sea was very noisy!

A morning view.

0705 (❄️🐕🐾) Every morning, the dogs and I head out into the great outdoors. I started doing a daily Twitter post of a snapshot taken at about this spot. As I plan on ditching Twitter at some stage in the future, I thought I would start posting my daily pictures here. Now I need to... Continue Reading →


It started last year, slowly slowly as a little itch. It's something that has been gnawing at the edges of my mind for many years. Too much stuff. Too much nibbling on the phone. Too much time spent on things that don't always leave me feeling positive or nice about myself. Too little time on... Continue Reading →

Something mysterious

I should write about something mysterious for today's Bloganuary. Regretfully my imagination has abandoned me today and I can't think of anything mysterious to write about. I'm sure inspiration will strike, just not today.

Station Eleven

I have 9 minutes to post 😱 and let you know what I will be reading next. Top of the list, and recommended by my guests is Station Eleven. Unfortunately the library queue is long...

Just for one day

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXgkuM2NhYI What is a super power I'd love to have? Tough question for the beginning of the week! What ever I choose though, it will be just for one day. Having a super power all the time would be exhausting. At first I decided on the power of giving everyone a healthy dose of common... Continue Reading →

The 3 R’s

What is a cause you’re passionate about and why? Reduce: We live in a time of over consumption and the planet, not to mention our wallets can't sustain it. Recycle: See above. Re-use: See above Added bonus: Don't drink and drive. Or talk on the phone when you are driving. The lack of concentration scares... Continue Reading →

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