It’s back!

What is back? I hear you ask. The daily theme tune is back! * Without any further fuss: Blinded by the light / Manfred Mann Why? Sunshine, clear skies and white white snow 🙂 *In coming days I'll share the origins of the daily theme tune - it's late, I'm tired and the search... Continue Reading →

For many years I went through the motions of making new years resolutions. I would resolve to stop doing all sorts of things. Never once did I resolve to start doing better things. No, I just decided that it was better to stop. I won't bore you with my list of resolutions, just think of any... Continue Reading →

Are you a Cardigans fan? I am. It's a fitting title for todays post. Although there will be no erasing, there definitely will be some rewinding going on over the next few weeks. Of course once the title popped into my head I had to go and find a clip to share. I used to... Continue Reading →

Blogging from school!

Today I'm sitting in room 302 at Helmi-Liiketalousopisto taking part in a blogging class. So far I am a little ahead of my classmates, if only for the fact  that I already have a WordPress account and an active blog. My neighbour just asked why I am here, to which I answered that I am... Continue Reading →

When does the expat stop being an expat?

This is the ONLY song that I could even consider using as the theme tune of the day. A very young Sting and Englishman In New York. This 'legal alien' business has been on my mind quite a bit lately for a whole heap of different reasons. It is a little bit more serious than... Continue Reading →

It’s a new day, a new month and a new year!

Happy New Year! Onnellista Uutta Vuotta! I hope that your new year celebrations didn't leave you too worse for wear! Our family had the quietest NYE in a long time. We did buy a few fireworks and Mr. 13 accompanied The Engineer out to let them off about 9:00 pm. At midnight the neighbourhood show... Continue Reading →

Independence Day Foolishness

It goes without saying that the music choice for today is Maamme-laulu (Our Land). After all, it is Finland's 95th anniversary of independence. There are numerous YouTube offerings, and the one I have chosen features the amazing voice of Tarja Turunen (formerly of Nightwish). I'm not sure where the broadcast actually comes from, except that... Continue Reading →

Fathers Day

With all my six word Saturdays lately there's been little space for daily tunes, so here is a very apt tune for today. This comes to you from my time spent in Melbourne: Fathers Day by the one and only Weddings Parties Anything. As you can see from this page, the bulk of the world... Continue Reading →

Project work, your opinion of Finland!

School has been in for a few weeks now, and the assignments are building up! One project requires some on-line research, so I've posted a little question over at Heather's Helsinki - What does Finland mean to you? Feel free to follow the link and answer the question - or of course add your comments... Continue Reading →

Parklife (or a summer’s evening barbeque)

The tune of the day is really easy: one of my favourite 'Brit-pop' bands Blur with Parklife. I toyed with Country Life also. Since today was more about doing stuff in the great outdoors, Country Life is here as a bonus! Because I'm certain that our lives are about to get very complicated and busy,... Continue Reading →

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