For many years I went through the motions of making new years resolutions. I would resolve to stop doing all sorts of things. Never once did I resolve to start doing better things. No, I just decided that it was better to stop. I won’t bore you with my list of resolutions, just think of any vice, and there is a very good chance it made it to my list of things not to do.

The BIG problem with stopping certain behaviours is that all the triggers are still around. It’s really hard to stop just one action when it’s driven by at least one or two other actions. So, inevitably I would end up caving in and picking up where I’d left off. Admittedly, sometimes it took a little longer than others… still the things that weren’t so good for me came back.

A few years ago The Engineer and I decided to stop eating lollies (candies, sweets, chocolates etc.). We went cold turkey and it was pretty easy. Once we changed our purchasing habits. No more picking up a bar of that with the grocery shopping or a packet of this when we tanked the car. The hardest part was explaining to friends and family thanks but no thanks, we’re on a lolly strike.

There was one exception: if the lollies were included in the dish being served then we could eat them. So for a few years, we were really good, no lollies, no chocolate and no salmiakki. The last was the hardest to refuse when it was offered. Then as time went by, we became a bit lazy and not so vigilant at saying no. Of course, once we started saying okay, just this once, it was a very slippery slope. Soon the old habit was gone and chocolate and lollies were once again being consumed regularly.

Christmas was spent in Sweden this year, and to get us all there in one piece we took the ship. If you have every sailed between Helsinki and Stockholm on one of these cruise-ferries, you’ll know that a good deal of their business is through the tax-free sales. Including chocolates and lollies. Of every shape, size and flavour. Usually in packaging that you can’t get in the regular stores (bigger!). On the outward journey we stocked up on supplies for Christmas. The homeward bound trip was all about our own cupboard: some beer, wine and yes, lollies. In the intervening days between our return and NYE, we decided that the lolly strike has to start again. So, starting from today no more lollies or chocolates. That includes the lovely little blocks of chocolate that come with your cappuccino. Today Mr. 16 scored ours and then promptly said that he didn’t want to eat all three. Proud parenting moment there 😉

Please note this is not yet another New Year’s resolution. Definitely NOT. Just a change in behaviour 🙂

Here’s to a lolly free 2016!

Here’s the daily theme tune! Back for 2016:


11 thoughts on “It’s not a resolution!

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  1. Happy New Year Heather. Good to hear from you 🙂
    I was in Stockholm in September. If I’d have known, I would have postponed for a few months and we could have teamed up to solve Claire’s murder mysteries!


      1. The friend that I travelled with and I have discussed visiting Malmö next, and also going over the bridge to Denmark as we have an old school friend there who married a Dane. Haven’t seen her since 1986. She is pleased Duran Duran still haven’t split up 🙂
        Problem is Christmas cleared out my travel kitty, so will have to wait a while.


        1. We’re busy saving for a long haul Christmas next year :/
          Funny about the bridge between Mälmo & Copenhagen: I’ve never been over it, but under it more than a few times!
          PS: Duran Duran – now that’s a real blast from the past. Although I do have tickets for The Cure, in Helsinki next October!


  2. I’ve always wanted to do that ship! Though tere’s a park I like to sit and read in on the clifftop on Söder just overlooking the Viking terminal (it featured in Life is Swede!), and the thumping bass from the ship as it arrives from Finland has always frightened me a bit 😉


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