It’s just a perfect day!

Ah, Lou Reed singing one of my all time favourite songs. This one I want to be played at my funeral ❤

What does your ideal day look like?

Before I get started, let’s just clarify one thing. A perfect day is not the same as an ideal day. A perfect day, despite what Lou Reed is singing, just does not exist. An ideal day however, can have many elements that on their own aren’t anything special, and yet when taken as a whole combine to make something… ideal! A bit like a cake – if you take all the ingredients on their own they are nothing spectacular (flour I’m looking at you here!) though sugar and butter definitely have something. Mix them together and hopefully you get a great batter (heading towards ideal) and then once it’s baked voila!

My ideal day starts with me waking BEFORE the alarm. In summer this is easy, winter not so much. Especially when sunrise is after 0900 in the morning. Still, if I beat the alarm, it’s nice to lie there and listen to the early morning sounds: neighbours, birds, traffic, snoring dogs, breathing partners etc.

The day moves forward with purpose, without rush or panic. The morning walk proceeds out the door and we turn left (or right!), noses to the ground, tails held high. If we are lucky, we meet a neighbour and chat about dogs, the weather or both. Noses lead us home, to the newspaper and hot coffee. A working day means many things juggled at once, non-working days mean things happen one after another.

Ideal working days are spent in the company of visitors, asking lots of questions, taking lots of pictures and getting joy from new sights, sounds and tastes. Ideal free days might be spent roaming solo, or with family or friends or with the dogs. There is no one size fits all. The feeling at the end of the day is one of accomplishment and happiness.

Definitely an ideal Ideal day would include a sauna, preferably with a wood fire, although I would not turn down an electric sauna turn. Even better would be a dip in the cold sea, icy surrounds an added bonus 👍 Fresh, crisp sheets would be a great finishing touch to the day.

I've said my bit! Now it's your turn :) Go on, have your say.

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