Are you a Cardigans fan? I am. It’s a fitting title for todays post. Although there will be no erasing, there definitely will be some rewinding going on over the next few weeks.

Of course once the title popped into my head I had to go and find a clip to share. I used to do this a lot, share music – it’s a nice habit to get back into.

Why the Cardigans you ask? The year was 1998 and the sublime Gran Turismo album was released. Shortly before that release I was stationed in Germany for a brief while. The Engineer and I met earlier in the summer and we had been inseparable (and probably a little insufferable) up until the day my ship sailed. Hard to believe it’s been 16 years (pretty much to the day) since that ship sailed 🙂

You’ll get another post from me today – not only am I taking part in the blogging 101 programme / challenge / course, I’ve decided to undertake the writing 101 as well. Stay tuned 🙂

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  1. I have a thing for Swedish music in general. They definitely punch above their weight when it comes to music. I remember The Cardigans from about the same time as Ace Of Base. I still make a bee-line for Swedish groups now-my current favourite being NoNoNo. YesYesYes 🙂


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