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This is just one of four blogs I currently have on the go. Two are linked at the bottom of the page, the third is a work in progress at this stage.

Just a few things about THIS blog. I write about all sorts of stuff that happens in my daily life. So far I’ve kept most of the negative stuff off these pages. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, that just means that I don’t always want to share!

I’m a little bit ‘Miss Manners’. So I’ll try to answer your comments, although due to life getting in the way, it may take a few days for me to catch up. Also, for reasons best known to the spam-bot, sometimes your comments go astray. If that happens, I’ll rescue you. First time comments need to be moderated, after that I consider you a friend and all comments go straight to the post.

I’m trying to set this up as a static front page. Let’s see how we go…

My Other Blogs: My new business or the next stage of my life. Moving out of Chaos  is the other.  The second chaos blog also has a Facebook fan page. Like if you like!

Please click here to read my latest offering :)

22 thoughts on “Home & Good Manners

    • Kanerva says:

      Me either! Judging by this weeks output it’s not very sensible approach… rethinking required :)

    • Kanerva says:

      It’s really hard to devote the same attention to all of them. At the moment, one needs more than the rest. Hopefully over time I get better at administering to their needs :) Thanks for the comment, off to see what you have written also.

    • Kanerva says:

      I thought I replied :( it’s hard work maintaining four! I need to focus on one more than the others at the moment. Hopefully it gets easier (or better). Thanks for visiting and the comment! Off to see your work now.

    • Kanerva says:

      Actually I’m not keeping any of them updated at present :(

      still I have three weeks of uni to look forward to!

      Heather Domeney Tel: +358-40-823 7446

    • LOL!

      Hey Heather, I received your comment to my test post….which I was really testing for another blog and unintentionally posted on TIL, long story. ;)
      Anyway you were right! It was interesting to find it in my comments. I hope all is going well with you!

      • That explains why I couldn’t find it! I need to ‘test’ again…

        All good here Alex, we had the first snow of winter this morning… I suspect a six word Saturday shall follow on this topic…

  1. A little confused as to which blog to follow, so I’ll start with this one and see what happens. Yankee living in Stockholm here, so just across the lake. I lived in Oulu for a bit and always curious on other non-natives opinions of Suomi. If this is the wrong blog for that, link me to the correct one :-)

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