Something mysterious

I should write about something mysterious for today's Bloganuary. Regretfully my imagination has abandoned me today and I can't think of anything mysterious to write about. I'm sure inspiration will strike, just not today.

Station Eleven

I have 9 minutes to post 😱 and let you know what I will be reading next. Top of the list, and recommended by my guests is Station Eleven. Unfortunately the library queue is long...

Just for one day What is a super power I'd love to have? Tough question for the beginning of the week! What ever I choose though, it will be just for one day. Having a super power all the time would be exhausting. At first I decided on the power of giving everyone a healthy dose of common... Continue Reading →

The 3 R’s

What is a cause you’re passionate about and why? Reduce: We live in a time of over consumption and the planet, not to mention our wallets can't sustain it. Recycle: See above. Re-use: See above Added bonus: Don't drink and drive. Or talk on the phone when you are driving. The lack of concentration scares... Continue Reading →

Oops, I did it again

What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning? From a master of making mistakes Today's prompt wants me to share with you a life lesson that everyone would benefit from learning. As I've been on the planet for more than half a century, I think I'm qualified enough to say... Continue Reading →

Too close to home

Write about a challenge you faced and overcame. That's today's prompt and right now I'm too tired and frustrated to put fingers to keyboard. So I'm leaving this one for a better day. Suffice to say there is an IT / Computer / Website / Booking Engine angle to all of this.

It’s just a perfect day! Ah, Lou Reed singing one of my all time favourite songs. This one I want to be played at my funeral ❤ What does your ideal day look like? Before I get started, let's just clarify one thing. A perfect day is not the same as an ideal day. A perfect day, despite what... Continue Reading →

My kingdom for an emoji!

What emoji(s) do you like to use? Today I am starting this post on my computer, then I will shuffle off to my phone (because that's where the bulk of my emoji work is done) and then I will come back here to the computer to put the finishing touches to the post. Confession time:... Continue Reading →

Living boldly?

What does it mean to live boldly? That's the prompt of the day, and I've been mulling it over all day. I have two definitions, although I am not particularly comfortable that either of them actually answer the question. On one hand I think it means living in a way that means you enjoy all... Continue Reading →

Today I am grateful for

Fresh Air Not just any old fresh air though! Cold, crisp minus 8 (Celsius) type fresh air. An added bonus would be the clear sunny skies, a little rare for January. With the amount of snow we have at the moment, it feels like it could be February already. Dare I say it, spring is... Continue Reading →

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