Monday mutterings 01/2017

We miss you emails - you know the ones... you haven't used our app / device / webpage / gadget in a while - we miss you! Please come back. Really?! It's only the 2nd day of the new year and already I am being 'missed' :/ nice to be loved I guess... The latest to... Continue Reading →

Fork In Hand

In case you've wondered about my relative silence of late: here is one of the reasons! Presenting Heather's Helsinki's first official product: Fork In Hand! In conjunction with Veronica of  WEFactory and with considerable assistance from our good friends at Iittala, we are delivering food tourism (Foodism) in a new way. This is the last... Continue Reading →

Nothing like a countdown…

The new business website launch date draws nearer and nearer. Now we have a date and a time. In honour of this momentous step I've added a countdown widget over there <--- to keep track. There's a new twitter handle floating around (@heatherhelsinki) and coming sometime in new future will be a Facebook page to... Continue Reading →

Yet another blog…

My blogging career has taken an interesting turn. The time has come for me to transfer my allegiances from the Taswegian's life to the Taswegian's need to earn cold hard cash (and pay some bills at the end of the month). I have to say a very big thank you to one of my biggest... Continue Reading →

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