Good to be home once more... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alternatively I could also say it will be nice to sleep in my own bed again. That will have to wait a few more nights...

A new start? or Relaunch!

It's been a while. One whole month give or take a day. Since my last contribution I've hopped, skipped and jumped from Helsinki to Hamburg to Bremerhaven to Ponta Delgado to find myself in New York with just enough time for lunch and then off to the airport, arriving in Helsinki in time to go straight... Continue Reading →

New pages

I've added two new pages 🙂 What's for dinner ?! I'll update with my culinary efforts. Some will be pretty pedestrian and others... well you be the judge! My other new page relates to the trip we're undertaking in February. It's called Once in a lifetime trip - again because, well we're doing the same... Continue Reading →

The year that was (2011 in review)

The new year rapidly approaches. We have fireworks (and safety glasses) ready. We travel west this year to see the new year in with old friends. The menu is planned, the drinks have been organised. Snow would be nice. A little would go a very long way. The forecast is not promising. I may or may not post between today... Continue Reading →

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