Monday Muttering: 31.5.2021

Design Vs Function This shared footpath / cycling path needs a review ūüėĒ. For as long as I can remember it is always the same dilemma. Dogs want to smell the grass and leave messages for other dogs on the trees and poles. Cyclists want to cycle without hindrance. Solutions: either swap the sides or... Continue Reading →

Monday muttering

On cyclists. In particular cyclists who use the road (not the bike path) and refuse to follow the road rules. Like sailing through red lights. Like ignoring stop & give-way (yield) signs. Like overtaking cars driving on the limit and thus are speeding. I really want to know where (or how) we can start having... Continue Reading →

An ode to the humble bicycle 

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.H.G. Wells

Keep¬†pedalling or you'll fall off.¬† Yes, it's all about the bike! One of my missions this week was to find an inspirational quote. Something to use as a motivator when all the crap is piling up, as it does sometimes! Anyway, as cycling is the one hobby of mine that I do all by myself... Continue Reading →

Now it starts to feel like spring… finally

Today I'm introducing Robin and his Frontside Ollie. It's an extremely popular Finnish song from earlier this year. Along with every young singer out there, Robin has his fair share of fans and critics. Here are the lyrics if you're interested in deciphering exactly what he's singing! I like the song and the sentiment a... Continue Reading →

The year that was (2011 in review)

The new year rapidly approaches. We have fireworks (and safety glasses) ready. We travel west this year¬†to see the new year in with old friends. The menu is planned, the drinks¬†have been organised.¬†Snow would be nice. A little would go a very long way.¬†The forecast is not promising.¬†I may or may not post between today... Continue Reading →

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