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An explanation.

So according to my archives, there was a grand total of 1 (yes one) post for the whole of 2019. Hmm. That's quite pathetic 😉 It wasn't that 2019 was an uneventful year, on the contrary it was action-packed with plenty of happy, sad, exciting (and boring) happenings. Inspiration seemed to pass me by last year... Continue Reading →

New Year. New Theme.

Why not?! I'm feeling a general dissatisfaction with the blog, how it looks, what it says etc. etc. So bear with me while I go through the process of finding a new theme that will assist in my efforts to get back on track and reinvigorate the blog 😀 Things I can share with you... Continue Reading →

Time flies :)

Wow! I've been blogging for 6 years already. Although to be honest, the last two years have been less about blogging and more about stalking 🙂 So for now, here are my Christmas greetings. Both Finnish & English. The observant readers might notice the somewhat bizarre # character thrown in where there should be a... Continue Reading →

Blogging ABOUT school # 01

So back in 2013, I was sitting in the classroom and wrote this post about blogging! Fast forward to 2017 and I was once again in a blogging workshop, although for a different course. This time, I thought I'd put my time to good use and update the blog that I started at the beginning... Continue Reading →

I seem to have relocated the motivation for posting. Stay tuned for more random posts about my daily life in Finland...

Blogging from school!

Today I'm sitting in room 302 at Helmi-Liiketalousopisto taking part in a blogging class. So far I am a little ahead of my classmates, if only for the fact  that I already have a WordPress account and an active blog. My neighbour just asked why I am here, to which I answered that I am... Continue Reading →

I'm thankful for the wonderful people who visit my blog and return, again and again and again! You make it all worthwhile. THANK YOU! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now to why I am participating in this particular challenge. Well, I need to stretch my photography talents! To date, the majority of the photos that appear on my blogs... Continue Reading →

A better blog reader… perhaps

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> There's a new widget in town! See below at the foot of the page. I've been busy adding my followers and blogroll entries to Bloglovin (love the idea, hate the name). So now I'll never miss another post again. WordPress reader hasn't been doing it for me, neither google... Continue Reading →

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