I’m old enough to know better.


Next week I return to full time study for the first time in a very very long time. I gained a place under the professional category, that is I don’t have a degree that I’m working towards. The bulk of the students however are taking the course as part of a degree programme, and are used to the routine of study.

To say that I am nervous is the under-statement of the year. For me (and I presume, many others), that is my natural state in a new situation. At the same time I’m really excited to be meeting new people, learning new things and hopefully gaining some new skills (and brushing up some rusty ones).

There is no need to be afraid, jealous or envious of my fellow students, despite the few years I will undoubtedly have on more than a few of them. I shouldn’t overlook the fact that I have a home town advantage here!

Let the study begin 🙂

(PS: my six words have become a mini-essay! At least I have cleared the mind)

10 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: 4.8.2012

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  1. Congratulations! I do the very same thing–take courses with no “degree” that I am working towards. I’m usually older than the other students too … it doesn’t bother me, though.


  2. …but young enough to still play.

    Should be a blast! I found going back to school as an adult much much easier than being there as a teen.


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