This happens every time that I return after being away for a while. I look at the theme, and think bleugh. You know what I mean – that sound that people make in their mind when they’re not entirely happy with the state of play. So once again, I feel the need to update my look.

BUT, and it’s a really big but – one of my big things for this year is to make my online time count. I know myself and I know that once I get going I can lose myself for many hours bouncing from page to page, following the interwebs to goodness knows where… occasionally learning something, usually coming away shaking my head at the bizarreness that is out there…

So, now I need some feedback from you dear reader / follower – do I refresh my blog or is this facelift I am planning an unwarranted luxury?

Hints / tips to blogging satisfaction appreciated – I think that’s one of the big issues here. I haven’t bestowed enough love and attention lately 😦


3 thoughts on “Is a facelift warranted?

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  1. A new year is a perfect time to make changes. I changed my blog midway last year (I think it was). Got rid of the large jackdaw header for a different header, a little lighter, changed my ‘About’ page and added a ‘My Writing’ page. This is your little corner of the blogosphere-have fun!

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