Monday mutterings 01/2017

We miss you emails – you know the ones… you haven’t used our app / device / webpage / gadget in a while – we miss you! Please come back.

Really?! It’s only the 2nd day of the new year and already I am being ‘missed’ :/ nice to be loved I guess…

The latest to arrive is from the company that process my credit card payments via their handy little gadget: Here’s a plug for them: iZettle, Swedish company, and definitely one of the better apps / gadgets that I use for the business. Notice I don’t use the word regularly, which is why “it’s a shame we haven’t see you” and “we miss you” – their words, not mine 🙂

Background: the bulk of my sales are handled in advance, only the occasional last minute booking will be paid cash or credit card, and of course there are a few of us that refuse to sign up for anything on-line – having the iZettle makes sense for these guests.

Normally I delete these messages. Today I opened it to find a survey… “why I haven’t been using iZettle lately? and do I intend to use it again in the future?”
Well. Duh. Yes. Of course.
So I filled it in, even though few of the answer options actually applied to me, because a) my product is not seasonal, b) I am not having issues with any of the added extras that iZettle provide and c) I don’t use other card readers / point of sale options. Currently, my preferred method of payment is PayPal. I ended the survey with a long and involved message about why I don’t use iZettle on a daily basis.

While I was filling it in, I got to wondering – how many users like myself actually bother to answer their questions? My initial reaction to the subject line was ‘yeah, yeah, I know’. DELETE. Admittedly, it didn’t take long (about the 3 minutes they said it would). In my mind, I haven’t stopped using it, it’s just my customers are smarter, booking & paying in advance.

Now I’m thinking if I had stopped using my iZettle because there was an issue with the software / hardware / app, wouldn’t I have told them already? I mean, the whole idea of having this type of device is to make it as easy as possible for the customer to pay (with whatever method they desire) and the vendor be able to accept payment from any credit card without having separate agreements. Who in their right mind doesn’t want to get the money?!

So ends my first muttering of the year…

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