Something mysterious

I should write about something mysterious for today's Bloganuary. Regretfully my imagination has abandoned me today and I can't think of anything mysterious to write about. I'm sure inspiration will strike, just not today.

Station Eleven

I have 9 minutes to post 😱 and let you know what I will be reading next. Top of the list, and recommended by my guests is Station Eleven. Unfortunately the library queue is long...

Just for one day What is a super power I'd love to have? Tough question for the beginning of the week! What ever I choose though, it will be just for one day. Having a super power all the time would be exhausting. At first I decided on the power of giving everyone a healthy dose of common... Continue Reading →

The 3 R’s

What is a cause you’re passionate about and why? Reduce: We live in a time of over consumption and the planet, not to mention our wallets can't sustain it. Recycle: See above. Re-use: See above Added bonus: Don't drink and drive. Or talk on the phone when you are driving. The lack of concentration scares... Continue Reading →

Too close to home

Write about a challenge you faced and overcame. That's today's prompt and right now I'm too tired and frustrated to put fingers to keyboard. So I'm leaving this one for a better day. Suffice to say there is an IT / Computer / Website / Booking Engine angle to all of this.

One day short of three weeks. My return to blogging has (so far) maintained its momentum 😜 - now to see how long the streak can continue for...

For the next few posts I will test out all the Post Formats that this theme supports. Just an FYI 😉

Just for your information, this blog is not a commercial enterprise. I receive no income from the posts, nobody pays me for the posts (or the pictures, or the opinions 😉 )

Blogging ABOUT school # 01

So back in 2013, I was sitting in the classroom and wrote this post about blogging! Fast forward to 2017 and I was once again in a blogging workshop, although for a different course. This time, I thought I'd put my time to good use and update the blog that I started at the beginning... Continue Reading →

You may recall one of my first posts of 2017 was a tribute to the akismet spam filter and the lovely comment that was spammed. Since then I've been saving the comments that the filter so generously sends to the spam folder and once again it's sharing time. I'm beginning to notice a bit of theme... Continue Reading →

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