Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

As I alluded to in my Six Word Saturday contribution of yesterday, our boating season has officially started again! Our first trip was short and sweet. The bulk of Saturday morning went to stocking the boat and ensuring everything was ship-shape! Our first stop was fueling, and then we had a mad dash to be at Hevossalmi in time for the bridge opening. It’s a nice short-cut if we time it properly. From there we made our way to Karhusaari (Bear Island) for our regular coffee and pulla stop.

Next stop was Club Island, well that’s our name for it. A small island owned by the boat club we belong to, it has a cooking hut, sauna and mooring spots for about 20 boats. We always hope to have the island to ourselves, regretfully this  doesn’t happen very often! We were the fourth and final boat to arrive and after signing ourselves in, set about setting up the grill and preparing dinner.

(In case you are interested, dinner was grilled salmon, roasted garlic, grilled zucchini, onions and some ribs.)

Post-dinner and pre-sauna I wandered the island looking for nature’s patterns. I particularly enjoy the effects of wind on the water, and luckily we had a light breeze last night. There were plenty of other patterns that also caught my eye! Here is a slide show of the best, selected just for you 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. There is a saying in Finnish about throwing off the winter coat ‘heitä talviturkki pois’ and refers to the first swim of the year. Generally this first swim is when the seas are, well chilly. You’ll be impressed or quite possibly concerned for my sanity to hear that yesterday I threw off my winter coat. Water temperature was 9.8 degrees centigrade. That’s far colder than the same swim last year .)


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  1. For we Americans, brrrrrrrr …. a tad less than 50 F … so cheers to your effort! … and your day sounds delightful. Did your dog make the trip?


    1. Absolutely Perry was with us. He didn’t come in the water very far though (wise dog!). His puppy socialising didn’t hold as far as the boat went, he is decidedly uncomfortable on board at the moment. We’re hoping a few more trips like this weekend will convince him otherwise ie the great destination that the boat gets us too 🙂

      Now your comment has got me thinking about finding a conversion widget to add to the blog. I live totally in a metric world, however I think my readers would benefit from some conversions. Alternatively I could do the hard work at the time of posting.

      Thanks Frank, I have some work to do now!


    1. You would think it would get easier after all these years… no, cold is still cold 🙂 These were all taken on the camera, Olympus is the brand. Still on my learners license as far as that goes…


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