The Dog on the Tuckerbox

Guess what I’m up to this weekend?

Okay, I’ll let you off the hook, you don’t have to guess. I’m hosting a restaurant! Last year I wrote about the first time I attended Ravintola Päivä (Restaurant Day) and I closed the post by expressing a vague desire to maybe have my own restaurant for a day.

Fast forward 12 months and here we are… on the verge of being restauranteurs for a day.

Perry posing for Restaurant Day
Perry posing for Restaurant Day

Here are some of the more important details:

  • The name of the restaurant is The Dog on the Tuckerbox.
  • This name is borrowed from a famous Australian landmark situated on the Hume Highway, just north of Gundagai in NSW.
  • The theme is Australian and dog friendly.
  • The menu includes some yummy treats for our four-legged friends and some Australian classics for the two-legged types.
  • I’ll be flying the Aussie flag and playing Aussie music – a little old, a little new, something for everyone.
  • You can find me in the Rajasaari dog-park 🙂
  • Here is the official invite on Facebook!
  • Here is the link to the official Restaurant Day page.
  • Mr. 13 is unhappily helping out for the day.
  • Perry will be with us of course, and will have the best four hours of dog fun he has ever had!

Is there anything I’ve forgotten? Probably. I already have a long list that I keep tweaking. I’m sure I’ll miss something. Anyway, it’s a learning experience.

Possibly I’ll blog from the restaurant if things are not so busy. More likely, I’ll wait until I get home. Either way there will be a follow-up!

PS. Is that not the best looking dog you’ve ever seen (excluding your own of course!)?

6 thoughts on “The Dog on the Tuckerbox

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  1. Live tweet your restaurant day! I hope you have a blast, and Mr 13 ends up loving it just as much.
    Can’t wait to hear how it goes.
    (Yes, he’s a very cute dog.)


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