So now I drive an…. automatic???!!!

D for drive and a chilly early morning start

A while ago I alluded to the possibility of a new set of wheels. The test drive we took didn’t impress either of us… and so I thought the idea was shelved for at least 12 months.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, another Saturday morning and another test drive. This time everything fell into place and we found ourselves collecting our new car this week!

Note: for as long as I have been driving, it’s always been a manual (except for rentals). It’s a little weird.


10 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: 23.3.2013

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    1. Same as before, with bigger engine and twin exhaust pipes. The men seem to be very excited about that 😉 I like the cruise control that senses a car in front and adjusts my speed accordingly. Very nice!


    1. There are some of us that have rarely driven anything else 😉 I interned in a hotel at the start of my career and had to pull shifts as a valet. I’ll never forget the first time I couldn’t start a guests car … it had been left in neutral. Man did I get teased about that!


    1. I heard all sorts of tips to get over that. So far I’ve managed to tuck my leg under the right leg except long trips it gets awkward. The worst tip was put to shut your door on your shoelaces. It just sounds wrong (and dangerous!).


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