Test drives: not impressed so far.


So The Engineer has decided that we WANT a new car. Please note the choice of words.

Now, I quite like the car we have and I especially have no desire to go through the whole tyre kicking, hood lifting rigmarole any sooner than absolutely necessary. Mind you, for us this process has started back in August when the dealerships start trotting out the new models. That was the first phase, and included bringing home all manner of glossy brochures.

Now we shift into phase II. Test driving. We have a chosen route that covers city, highway and country driving. It’s sort of fun. Except when the car is … well ho-hum or worse, boring! I don’t have that new car fever….

Drive # one was in the cold and dark, seat heating was slow (unforgivable in Finland) and The Engineer fiddled with every imaginable button possible. Then there was a strange reflection in my window and the side mirror indicator light was blinking so I could see it! What’s with that? I had perfectly good panel in front of me showing exactly the same thing.

Good thing(s): 6 gears! Vrrm, vrrm 🙂

4 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: 24.11.2012

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    1. It looks like this process is on ice for a couple of years.. instead we wait for the next model of the current set of wheels… I’m relieved!


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