It’s a new day, a new month and a new year!

Happy New Year! Onnellista Uutta Vuotta! I hope that your new year celebrations didn’t leave you too worse for wear! Our family had the quietest NYE in a long time. We did buy a few fireworks and Mr. 13 accompanied The Engineer out to let them off about 9:00 pm. At midnight the neighbourhood show got a bit more noisy, although Perry the puppy was pretty much oblivious it all (luckily, he was quite happy to sleep through most of it).

There is a ‘2012 in review’ post in draft status. I need to find a couple of photos to finish it off 🙂 In the meanwhile, a huge thank you to all the great visitors that stopped by this year. An extra thank you if you liked a post and if you left a comment, well my gratitude knows no bounds.

The new year has gotten off to an admirable beginning. The Engineer and Mr. 13 both have Spotify accounts. I have quite a large iTunes library (mostly my own CD’s) and didn’t really want to double up as I saw it. What a mistake! I opened a Spotify account over Christmas. Then I managed to create a few playlists and collect a couple of hours worth of music in a short time this morning. I also decided to create a playlist of all the songs that I’ve featured as the daily theme tune. This way I won’t be able to double up (hopefully) although sometimes one song is so great that it fits a multiple of occasions.

Today it’s Teemu Brunila’s The Crash and Still Alive. For no other reason than I love this song! Sadly the band is no longer together, although their music lives on 🙂 Although it’s fair to say that it’s a great reminder for me to put behind all the garbage that’s been going on ‘out the back’. The song is so catchy you can’t help but smile! I’m paving a new path, hopefully or at the very least trying to create a positive frame of mind.

Looking forward to sharing more interesting things: music, food, family, dog (yes there is a dedicated dog post on the way) and what ever else happens to take my fancy!

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  1. I also wish you a very happy new year, full of joy, happiness and success. Thanks for all the post and visits last year and look forward to more in 2013.


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