Sounds a little contagious doesn't it 😉 I opened my cloud and went back to the first picture that ever made it there. October 2012: Perry as a pup and on the first day he was an office dog 🙂 (It's also a post to test if my automatic sharing is working or not)

I'm told it was the bear. My worst fear - the bear went feral and attacked the dog... organ transplant has so far been unsuccessful and the dog hangs on by a thread...

For my Names challenge posting I presented the dog tags and asked the question - which dog belongs to which tag? Now is the big reveal - Noa has the paw print and Perry has the bone! I have spent the last two days trying to manipulate dogs and tags to be all facing the... Continue Reading →

Two dogs. Two leashes. Two collars. Two tags. Two names. PS: Can you guess which dog belongs to which tag?! BTW: I've caught up on all the weekly photo challenges for 2017 and from now on I'll be only posting one photo challenge per week 🙂

Every ship voyage begins at check-in: My interpretation of Beginning for this weeks photographic challenge. Here we sit waiting for our turn to check-in. Destination Stockholm & Perry 😉 I actually took this photo for the tail-lights of the car in front. I like the way they climb up the body of the car.

The family is all together again. I have to say, it's been difficult to take a picture of Perry that ISN'T blurry:)

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