Six Word Saturday

Don’t buy strawberries out of season…

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    1. Absolutely Guap, count on it! This creative writing caper is growing a life of it’s own.


    1. thanks for the comment. I’ll wait until the local product comes on the market: strawberries really are a summer fruit!


    1. Now this I have NEVER seen, although my Dad told of seeing them 50 odd years ago in PNG. Are they whole or jam? Sometimes I’ve bought frozen ones for cooking or as a topping for breakfast. Still not the same as a super ripe and juicy strawberry.


        1. This sucks, again you went to Spam. At least this tool akismet tool doesn’t self delete… Love strawberry jam (on pancakes, with oodles of whipped cream). Yum, yum.


          1. Not nice. I found a few of other bloggers in my spam box too. I’d rather go to look there daily than get spammed to death.


            1. Even the reply to the reply went to spam yet again. Don’t despair, I’m checking daily now, and ‘teaching’ the anti-spam robot. Hopefully it learns…


    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Didn’t get ill, just very disappointed: no flavour, no oomph!


    1. Hi Betty, thanks for visiting and commenting: You got it in one! I’m waiting for the real thing now…


    1. Thanks for visiting and your comment Ron, this sistah is going to be more careful in future!


  1. They’re always so much better when I can get them fresh at the farmers market. In fact, I have some downstairs right now…

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


    1. I think I’ll be playing again! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      We have at least one more month before they are fresh and juicy here… Enjoy them while you can 🙂


    1. True, true. There is a saying about eating locally and living globally (I’ll have to track it down). Seems now people are happy to eat globally and live locally…


    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting! I’m leaving the strawberries now until they are fresh and local! BTW, I liked your entry for this weekend 🙂


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