Six Word Saturday

Don’t buy strawberries out of season…



    • thanks for the comment. I’ll wait until the local product comes on the market: strawberries really are a summer fruit!


    • Now this I have NEVER seen, although my Dad told of seeing them 50 odd years ago in PNG. Are they whole or jam? Sometimes I’ve bought frozen ones for cooking or as a topping for breakfast. Still not the same as a super ripe and juicy strawberry.


        • This sucks, again you went to Spam. At least this tool akismet tool doesn’t self delete… Love strawberry jam (on pancakes, with oodles of whipped cream). Yum, yum.


          • Not nice. I found a few of other bloggers in my spam box too. I’d rather go to look there daily than get spammed to death.


            • Even the reply to the reply went to spam yet again. Don’t despair, I’m checking daily now, and ‘teaching’ the anti-spam robot. Hopefully it learns…


    • Thanks for visiting and commenting. Didn’t get ill, just very disappointed: no flavour, no oomph!


    • Hi Betty, thanks for visiting and commenting: You got it in one! I’m waiting for the real thing now…


  1. They’re always so much better when I can get them fresh at the farmers market. In fact, I have some downstairs right now…

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


    • I think I’ll be playing again! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      We have at least one more month before they are fresh and juicy here… Enjoy them while you can πŸ™‚


    • Thanks for visiting and commenting! I’m leaving the strawberries now until they are fresh and local! BTW, I liked your entry for this weekend πŸ™‚


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