Last lesson of the week

Taken while I was waiting to make a big announcement to Mr. 12’s class.


What big shoes they have!

(I’m posting from my phone and haven’t quite worked out all the editing commands, so if it looks odd… well I’ll get to it when I get to it!)

5 thoughts on “Last lesson of the week

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    1. Info about our next event! We’re raising funds for school camp, and despite a lof hard work, still not close enough…. I hope that by actually talking to them and putting the paper in their hands the message gets home. Follow up email will go later…


    1. Mr. 12 takes EUR 42 now, bigger than me… He was my size very briefly, which meant I scored a pair of Converse. Only very slightly worn and ‘A thing of beauty’ – as quoted by Will Smith’s character in I, Robot 🙂


      1. Absolutely! I really like that movie a lot. I love Will Smith, and I love that his character in I, Robot loves Converse sneakers, and drives a gas-powered motorcycle!


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