Everyday at 2200 (10 pm) is when my phone goes into "bedtime mode". The screen fades to grey, do not disturb activates and notification alerts are set to silent. Occasionally I am out with the dog at this time, and as sunset is now after 2200, it's not unusual for me to take pictures. I... Continue Reading →

I originally planned to make an audio post for today. Then I realised that a) I don't know how to do that and b) I'm not sure what to share. I've been toying with the idea of having a particular post / type of post for each day of the week. So far I have... Continue Reading →

Last lesson of the week

Taken while I was waiting to make a big announcement to Mr. 12's class. What big shoes they have! (I'm posting from my phone and haven't quite worked out all the editing commands, so if it looks odd... well I'll get to it when I get to it!)

The year that was (the other side of 2011)

Here is my other year: January: Snorkeling is perhaps the scariest thing I have ever done. Not an experience I wish to repeat. An overwhelming feeling of 'I'm going to drown' destroyed the first few minutes of wonder. February: As soon as the temperature falls to freezing I dry up. My skin looks ancient, my... Continue Reading →

Platform 11, Friday 0645

Very quiet and far in the distance there is a circle of lights. Helsinki's amusement park Linnunmäki is closed for winter. That doesn't stop them from decorating all the rides with lights to see us through this dark season. The circle is the Helsinki Wheel (Ferris Wheel). Soon my train is here, and hopefully I... Continue Reading →

My little luxuries # 1

Everyone deserves a little luxury and Vanity Fair is mine. This arrived in the mail today and now my evening will go something like this: dinner, dishes, washing to the machine, me to bed and reading VF cover to cover. Actually I start at the back cover and work my way through the articles back... Continue Reading →

Tuliaiset *

The Engineer has returned bearing gifts (and dirty laundry). English newspapers, foodie magazines and Harrods goodies. My weekend is complete! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂 * Tuliaiset are gifts either when you visit someone (hostess gift) or returning from a trip.

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