aside Testing times…

Mr. 15 had a geography test this week. So all last week we recited and quizzed on the Finnish counties and their administrative centres along with some Nordic / Scandinavian landmarks. It was good for me to (finally) learn the names of all the counties and I was very impressed to realised we’ve visited all of them. Some just passing through, others we’ve stayed for a day or a week.

The test was first thing Monday and Mr. 15 left the house with less than springy steps. Luckily the test went well, very well in fact 9,5/10 – which is a brilliant result for him. Unfortunately there has been no time to rest, today was the first chemistry test of the semester. I know this for sure, there will be no Breaking Bad happening anytime soon in our house, at least not from my side. I can’t remember a single thing from my own high school chemistry, although Mr. 15 does appear to have the basics down pat… luckily.




  1. Great result. In regard to counties, you got me thinking about English counties. I’m sure I haven’t visited them all. I should make a list. A rather tame bucket list, maybe.


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