Mr. 15 had a geography test this week. So all last week we recited and quizzed on the Finnish counties and their administrative centres along with some Nordic / Scandinavian landmarks. It was good for me to (finally) learn the names of all the counties and I was very impressed to realised we’ve visited all of them. Some just passing through, others we’ve stayed for a day or a week.

The test was first thing Monday and Mr. 15 left the house with less than springy steps. Luckily the test went well, very well in fact 9,5/10 – which is a brilliant result for him. Unfortunately there has been no time to rest, today was the first chemistry test of the semester. I know this for sure, there will be no Breaking Bad happening anytime soon in our house, at least not from my side. I can’t remember a single thing from my own high school chemistry, although Mr. 15 does appear to have the basics down pat… luckily.



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  1. Great result. In regard to counties, you got me thinking about English counties. I’m sure I haven’t visited them all. I should make a list. A rather tame bucket list, maybe.


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